(Adult Sex Story) Working at a Resort Part 3- Helping them get Revenge

After the event in the sauna I had a new outlook on my job, it was brilliant. I was in a place where I could fuck random women and they would leave and I would never have to see them again. Granted I was hoping that they wouldn’t all have to come through blackmail but the possibilities seemed endless, I worked in a place that had a seemingly unending stream of beautiful women coming through and if I didn’t get any at work I could go home and have Naomi to fuck. I was realizing I had the perfect set up.

The next day Naomi was over and I told her about what had happened the previous night nervously. I wasn’t sure how she would take it despite our agreement. She took it better than I could have expected, and fucked me slowly while she got every detail out of me. When we worked together she would check out the girls with me, asking me how I would fuck them if I had the chance, we would be so worked up at the end of the night we would often work out those fantasies at the gym and take them home with us. Life was good.

It had been a few weeks since the sauna and Naomi was out of town at a wedding which left me working with Kenzie. I loathed her and the way she did nothing but tease the guys who came in, she would spend most of her shift on her phone or flirting with guys leaving me to do most of if not all the restocking and cleaning. As time went on she started teasing me when it got slow. She would walk too close to me sometimes and let her hand run over my cock, she had a way of always dropping something in front of me and bending over enough so I would walk right into her soft ass. Whenever she did that she would look back at me and say, “Whoa there cowboy I’m too young for you. Remember?” saying the last part deliberately with a devilish grin on my face.

I would always dismiss it but as time went on I started to picture myself balls deep in her fucking her tight little cunt. It was one of the bad days when I couldn’t get the idea of fucking her out of my head. Naomi had been out of town for a week and wasn’t going to get home for a few more days so I hadn’t had any sexual contact for a while and Kenzie had stepped her teasing up a notch. Her yoga pants pushed her ass up making it look incredible and I spent the first part of the shift admiring it, staring at the bit of her mound that I could see from behind when she absent mindedly bent herself over the counter. She caught me staring once and stood up slowly before turning around and saying, “Naughty boy, stop staring at my ass please, that’s sexual harassment. I would hate to tell Don about that.” she smiled at me sexily and walked to the locker room.

I wanted to follow her in there and teach her a lesson about teasing. I pictured myself going in behind her and grabbing her by the hair and fucking her as hard as I could. I was deep in my fantasy feeling her tight young snatch gripping my cock, the look of surprise and lust that would be in her eyes as she realized she had fucked with the wrong guy when a group of people walked in, the shrill laugh of girls followed by the gorilla like grunts of guys snapped me out of my trance. I looked up to see four people two girls and two guys signing in. The guys were typical meathead types, cut off shirts and baggy shorts, they weren’t worth paying attention to though as their girlfriends came into view behind them. They looked like they could be models if they were blessed with more height.

The first one I noticed was breathtaking. She had long almond brown hair and blue eyes, her smile was perfect, she looked like one of those people on an orthodontist billboard. Her tits were smallish and pushed up by her sports bra. Her loose fitting white tank top hid her body from sight but if it was like the rest of her it was tight. She had on a pair of tight gray spandex shorts which rode up her legs and showed off her lips freely.

The other girl had long black hair and green eyes. Her nose was pointed a little and along with her pronounced cheekbones made her resemble a sexy elf. Her bright pink tank top dipped low enough to show off her cleavage and what seemed like a magnificent pair of d-cup breasts. She had on tight black yoga pants that clung to her long legs. I greeted the couples making a point to look each of the girls in their eyes ignoring their boyfriends for the most part.
Kenzie didn’t matter after that, all I could focus on was the lithe bodies of the girls doing their thing. Kenzie occupied the guys for the time that they were there, feeling their arms as they flexed for her brushing her hair back while she laughed at their terrible jokes. They got a few sets of curls and bench in while the girls were on the ellipticals. I admired the way the gray spandex crept up the girl’s legs and into her ass, showing off the perfect form of her cheeks. Yoga pants girl was a little lacking in the ass department but she gave off a fun sexuality that drove me crazy. I ripped my eyes away from them as they finished on the ellipticals wiping the sweat off their faces storing the vision of their bodies away for that night
“Hey we’re going back up the room, see you there?” one of the guys said.

“Yeah baby we’ll be done in an hour or so,” gray spandex told the guy and they kissed and the guys left. With the guys gone and it getting late Kenzie gave her usual excuse and left me to close. I couldn’t be mad that night being left with the show I was being left with. I watched them trying to figure out a way to strike up conversation so I could maybe try to get one of them to leave her guy for the night and was pleased when they walked up and asked, “How much does the bar weigh on that machine? You don’t have a regular squat rack here do you?”

“Like 15 pounds I think,” I replied, “and no squat rack, that’s the best we can do because of liability and all that.”

“Thanks,” gray spandex shot me her bright smile and walked to the smith machine. I watched them squatting, and found my conversation starter. I made my over to them ignoring the five or so people in the gym and said, “You know if you push your hips through at the top of the movement you get more out of it,”

Gray spandex racked the weight and asked, “What do you mean?”

“At the top of the squat if you flex your butt and keep your core tight you get the full benefit of the movement.” I said hoping my body was enough to lend authority to what I was telling her.

“Like this?” she asked

“Almost,” I said taking a step towards her, “You don’t mind do you?” I asked putting my hands out to guide her.

“I don’t know, I still get results doing it the way I do,” I was ready to turn around and call it a loss when her friend said, “Come on Sierra look at this guy’s ass he’s doing something right,” as she slapped my behind and giggled.

“That highly inappropriate young lady.” I said turning around and smiling at her.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly, the playfulness gone from her voice.

“Just kidding damn girl,” I said lightening things up immediately, “give it a squeeze.” I stuck it out and she playfully pinched one of my cheeks.

“Ok show me how.” Sierra said. I carefully placed one of my hands just above the curve of her ass and the other on the bottom of her abs my pinky about an inch away from her start of her mound which was shown off greatly by the spandex.

“Ok now before you go down flex all this.” I said moving my hand down a little over her ass, “imagine you are thrusting your crotch at the wall.” she did it, her body tensed under my hands and I pulled them away as she started to squat down. “Good good, now do that same thing when you get to the top.”

“Like this?” she asked as she thrust her crotch forward presenting her pussy me again.

“Yeah perfect,” I said my cock straining uncomfortably in my pants, “Let me know if I can help you, I’ll be right over there.” I said walking back to the desk painfully aware of how turned on I was by just feeling her tight body.

I watched them workout trying to calm myself down. They got done and came up to me. “Thanks for the tips, I really felt the difference.” Sierra said to me.

“Glad I could help.” I said praying they would ask me what I was doing after work.

“We’ll see you tomorrow?” the yoga pants asked expectantly her eyes roaming my body.

“I’ll be here, same place same time.” I said, “I’m Dylan by the way,”

“Nice to meet you Dylan, I’m Tess and this is Sierra.” she said, “See you tomorrow then.” they walked out and I admired their asses swaying hypnotically as they walked out the door. I went home with their images engrained in my mind.


The next day they came in with their boyfriends again and I was forced to salivate from a distance. They talked to me intermittently in between sets asking me little things about form. They flirted a bit but nothing serious, as they left with their guys I had thrown away hope of fucking either one of them and started to look forward to Naomi coming back in two days.
It was around 9:30 when I saw them next, the gym was empty due to it being a Friday night and I could hear people outside in line for the nightclub in the building wooing and generally being drunk. Kenzie had left early like usual and I was trying to close up fast so I could meet up with some friends downtown for drinks. I was restocking the cooler with water when I heard the door open, and I felt a swell of disappointment, usually when someone came in so close to closing it meant I would be stuck in the gym for an extra twenty minutes because they didn’t feel like they had to leave at closing. I put on my best fake smile and was ready to greet the guest when I saw Tess and Sierra come into view.

They were stunning. Tess was wearing a tight blue dress, her tits were pushed up begging to be let out. The curve of her hips was pronounced by the tight fabric and her long tanned legs were visible for miles. Sierra was wearing a similar tight black dress that showed off everything. Her tits were pushed up too, not as impressive as her friends but still something to behold. Her hips flared out and the dress stopped just under the bottom of her peach shaped ass lifting her cheeks sexily. Her short toned legs were hugged by the material and made my cock ache as they disappeared into the dress.

“Hey ladies you look good, what brings you around these parts? Shouldn’t you be at the club?” I asked walking to them behind the counter.

“Well we should be,” Sierra said, “But our fakes got rejected and our guys were going to get alcohol so we could drink in the room and now they’re downtown at one of the bars getting drunk without us.” she sounded annoyed

“That’s insane.” I said trying to let my eyes wander too far south of their eyes and failing spectacularly.

“That’s what we thought,” Tess said, “So we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind bringing us some alcohol and we could all hang out tonight.” she was biting her lip seductively, this wasn’t her first time getting a guy to buy her alcohol obviously.

“Uhh yeah sure,” I said a little stunned at the change in my luck. “I get off in twenty minutes so I could do that.”

“Good boy,” Tess said handing me some cash and a room key. She explained that they were in one of the suites by the pool and told me what to get. Her green eyes gave off a sexuality that her face didn’t and I was rock hard in expectation when they left. I closed up a little quicker than I usually did and was out of the gym at exactly ten. I dove to the closest liquor store and bought the cotton candy vodka and wine they asked for not my first choices by any stretch of the imagination but I wasn’t going to complain about being able to hang out with two incredibly hot, soon to be inebriated women. I got some beer of my own and made my way back to the resort, it was strange parking in the regular parking lot and going in through the front doors.

As I made my way through the maze like halls to the elevators that would take me to their suite I started to wonder if their boyfriends had come back. What if the guys noticing how hard I was trying with their girls decided to teach me a lesson? What if they were setting me up for some reason? What if they took the booze and kicked me out? I would be lying if I said it would have been the first time that happened to me. All of these thoughts rolled through my mind as I approached the door and knocked.

Sierra opened the door smiling at me still in her black dress, “Hey there you are! We were starting to worry you’d be a no show.” her voice gave away her tipsiness. She led me into the main room where Tess was sitting at a table against the wall a mostly empty bottle of wine sitting in the middle.

“Nice of you to get dressed up for us.” Tess said sarcastically looking me up and down. I was still in my work slacks and was wearing my white V-neck undershirt which was admittedly too small for me.

“Sorry that I don’t bring a change of clothes to work expecting two gorgeous young women to invite me to their room.” I said jokingly putting the bag of alcohol and my six pack on the table.

“Well maybe now you will.” she said pulling the bottles out of the bag and immediately opening the vodka taking a short pull from it.

We moved out onto the balcony the room had overlooking the pool, I been on the deck a few times while I was there, filling in for different people but I had never seen it from above. The pool looked a lot more imposing while empty. The fountain in the middle of it gurgling water the lights illuminating the bottom. We sat around the table and got to know each other between swigs of booze. They were both sophomores at Arizona State and had met their boyfriends through a fraternity function. They came to the resort for a couple’s weekend ironically seeing as how the guys were drinking away downtown sans the girls.

I was two beers deep and feeling good, a good amount of the vodka had been put away and they were drinking wine out of plastic cups they retrieved from the pool. Tess was more talkative than Sierra who kept checking her phone for updates as to what the guys were doing. I didn’t totally mind because it gave me the opportunity to run my eyes up and down her toned legs without being caught for the night.

“Sierra stop checking on them, why should our night be ruined by them being assholes.” Tess said.

“I don’t know I’m sorry.” she said putting her phone down on the table.

“Good,” Tess said with a smile, “I’m getting bored, let’s play some truth or dare.”

“I’m down.” I said remembering the games I played in high school and their almost uniform endings in carnal relations.

Sierra smiled and said, “Sure, you start.”

Tess took a drink of her wine and looked at me, “Truth or dare?”
“Truth.” I said

“Have you ever hooked up in the gym with a guest?”

I was surprised by how she jumped in sexually right away, “Yeah once or twice.” I said being intentionally vague.

Tess’ face lit up and asked, “How did it happen?”

“Well I caught two girls hooking up in the sauna and in payment for me not calling security on them they…” I trailed off letting them fill in the blanks for themselves. The girls looked at each other and laughed.

“I don’t know, sounds like porn.” Sierra said

“What do you know about porn?” I asked her

“Hey a girl has needs sometimes.” she said laughing

“Trouble in paradise?” I asked. She looked down and I dropped it quickly asking her, “ Truth or dare?”


“What’s the farthest you’ve ever gone with a girl?” I asked her not sure what I should ask.

“Well…” she said smiling looking at Tess.

“You two? Together?” I asked my mind immediately picturing the two girls naked bodies pressed up against each other’s, their tongues exploring the other’s mouth. Tess laughed and looking at me said, “Once or twice. Can you blame me? Sierra is smoking.” she laughed and I shrugged feeling my cock start to fill with blood at the thought of the two of them together. Sierra’s face flushed red and asked Tess truth or dare. The game continued on, none of us drunk enough to choose dare quite yet when Sierra left to use the bathroom leaving Tess and me alone. I tried to keep my eyes up but couldn’t help noticing the bottom her dress had risen up her legs due to her shifting, just barely covering her vagina. I couldn’t tear my eyes away hoping that her dress would come up just a bit more and show me her prize.

“Eyes up mister,” she said sexily catching me checking her out.

“Sorry but can you blame me? You guys are so fucking sexy.” I said, the beer destroying any type of filter I had at that moment.

“Thanks, you’re not too hard on the eyes yourself.” she said looking me up and down.

“What are you thinking right now?” I asked her feeling like she would be my ticket to relief that night.

She thought for a second and said, “How I want to get back at the guys for leaving us tonight.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked smiling.

“Well, it would have something to do with you..” she said standing up and walking over to me, I pushed my chair out and she sat on my lap her green eyes piercing mine, “and we would have to take off our clothes…” she trailed off as she kissed me lightly on my lips. My hand was on the small of her back as I returned the affection.

“You’re not bad at that,” she said softly a smile across her face. My cock pulsed on her ass and she stood up just in time for Sierra to walk out onto the balcony looking angry.

“What’s wrong babe?” Tess asked with obvious concern.

“The fucking guys are at some club,” she said. She explained how her boyfriend accidentally sent her a Snapchat message showing the two guys at some club grinding on some random girls. She was visibly upset as she sat down and chugged the remainder of her drink. She put her phone down on the table presumably done with it for the night and took a deep breath trying to calm herself down.

“You ok?” I asked feeling like this might ruin the night

“Yeah I’m fine.” she said surprisingly upbeat, “Can’t let those assholes ruin our night now can we?”

“You should forget about those guys, they’re idiots.” I said, “I barely know you guys and know enough not to fuck you over. Now, truth or dare?” I asked Sierra hoping we could get back in the game.

“Dare.” she smiled.

“I dare you to make out with Tess over here. I mean a girl has needs right?” Tess had moved back to her chair and smiled at me as Sierra stood up and walked in front of Tess, the profile of peach shaped ass made my cock rise. Tess stood up and took Sierra’s face in her hands as their lips met. I was hypnotized by the rhythmic way their faces came together and parted, the wet sounds of their tongues sucking in and out of each other’s mouths. It lasted for about a minute but I could have watched them do it all night. They parted with a small kiss and smiled at me, “Good enough?” Sierra asked as she made her way back to her chair.

“For now.” I said suggestively

Sierra looked at Tess and said, “Truth or dare”

“Dare” Tess said immediately.

“I dare you to go and sit on Dylan’s lap and see if he’s telling the truth about whether or not he liked that.” she had a devilish grin on her face that I hadn’t seen before but my gaze was taken from her to Tess as she stood up and turned around in front of me, her ass was in my face and it took all of my willpower not to reach out and grab it as she bent over and slowly sat on my lap, rubbing it on my crotch as she put her weight on me.
“Oh he was telling the truth.” Tess said laughing her hair was in my face filling my senses with the fruity smell of her shampoo. I let my hand rest on her thigh right below the edge of the dress lightly moving up and down her smooth leg. She stayed there and craned her neck around to look at me, “Truth or dare?” she asked lightly.


“I dare you to… take off this shirt.” she said tugging at my over tight white shirt, “I want to see if your body is as good as I think it is.” She stood up and moved away from me as I stood up my cock making an obvious tent down my leg which drew both sets of eyes to it curiously as I pulled my shirt over my head. Tess smiled at me and bit her lower lip as she hungrily took what she saw. “That’s about right.” she said running her fingers down my abs stopping at my belt. “He’s sexy isn’t he?” She asked Sierra

“You’re not wrong,” She replied licking her lips absentmindedly.

“How about we jump in the jacuzzi?” Tess suggested starting her way into the room.

“I didn’t bring any trunks.” I said stupidly

“And…” Tess asked as she slunk into the room. I followed her eagerly with Sierra following. The jacuzzi was in the bathroom and Tess had already started filling it as we caught up to her. “Now Dylan I know you don’t have any trunks so I guess you’ll have to go naked…” she trailed off staring at the bulge in my pants, “and if you are naked, I guess it’s only fair if me and Sierra are naked too right?” we both looked back at Sierra and she said, “It’s only fair.”

“Right, so why don’t you get in?” Tess asked me, the rush of the water the only audible thing in the room.

I undid my belt and stepped out of my pants my cock clearly visible through the material of my boxer briefs. I pushed them down and stepped into the half full jacuzzi my cock standing out from my body as I got to the far edge and turned around to see them whispering to each other their eyes fixated on my hard member. I sat there and enjoyed the feeling of their eyes on me and the water enclosing my body. As the jacuzzi filled up they nodded at each other and smiled at me.

Tess was the first to start taking her dress off. She reached behind her back and unzipped the back allowing her tits to push back against the tight fabric. She pulled the dress down at her waist moving her hips slowly in a pendulum motion. As the top of her dress fell past her nipples I saw she had two beautiful d cup tear drop shaped tits with pink nipples and small areolas. They hung sexily and heavily from her chest as she bent over to push the dress down her legs. I stared at the pronounced flare her of her hips and her smooth hairless slit as she climbed into the jacuzzi finding a spot right next to me. Sierra hooked her thumbs into the sides of her dress and started moving down revealing the body I had been obsessing over for since the day before.

The dress slipped over a lacy black strapless bra and down her tight abs. The way she snaked her body side to side while moving the dress down over her hips made my cock pulse. Once past her hips she let the dress fall to the floor and she stepped out of it leaving her in nothing but her bra and a sheer black thong. She pulled her thong off easily and kicked it across the room revealing her perfectly shaved, perfectly plump mound. She then reached back to unclasp her bra, she let it fall to the ground keeping her arm over her b cup breasts covering them seductively as she flipped on the jets and climbed into the tub. She sat across from us and removed her arm as soon as her tits dropped below the water level the tops of them just visible under the pulsating water. She noticed my disappointed look and said, “If you’re good, you might get to see them.” winking at me.

I was pulled out of my daze by Tess’ hand running up and down my thigh as she looked at Sierra and said, “Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Sierra said with a smile on her face.

“Dare you to put your pussy on one of the jets for a minute.” she said. Sierra smiled and turned around facing the nearest jet the top of her ass peeking out from the raging water. She immediately started moaning in pleasure. The sight of the water dripping from the wet ends of her hair down her firm ass was incredible. She started slightly moving up and down on the jet as Tess wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly started stroking me.

“That’s fucking hot right?” she whispered into my ear biting my earlobe tenderly.

“Uhhh” was all I could muster

“And what a fucking cock.” she continued, “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a nice cock in my life. I. Can’t. Wait. To. Feel. You. Inside. Me.” she moaned licking from behind my ear to the base of my neck. I grabbed her hand away from my dick.

“You’re going to make me cum.” I said trying to calm myself down. Sierra turned around with a dreamy look in her eyes and sat back down. I was able to catch the slightest glimpse of her tan nipples standing out on the pale skin of her tan lines before they dipped back under the water. “What was that?” she asked

“Oh uhh just between Tess over here and you over there, I was about to cum and-”

“Naughty boy.” she said low and seductively, “You can’t cum yet.”

“That’s what I was going to say.” Tess said turning towards me, “We aren’t close to being done with you yet.” She slid her tongue into my mouth and kissed me, slowly pulling away.

“Dare” she said in answer to the question Sierra had yet to ask.

“I dare you to suck his cock.” Sierra said with a devilish grin on her face.

Tess turned to me and slowly ran her hand over the head of my cock under the water.

“Would you like that? Would you mind if I sucked your hard cock for you?”

“N-no.” I stammered amazed at what was happening to me at that moment. She ducked her head under the water and I lost sight of her for a moment but was quickly reminded that she was down there when I felt the slippery warmth of her mouth enclose my cock and the velvet of her tongue swirl around my head. I let out a moan of appreciation and looked at Sierra who was biting her lip watching us; her hands were under the water presumably rubbing her mound.

Tess came up for air with a smile on her face. She wrung out her hair and motioned for me to sit on the lip of the tub. I did as she wanted and pushed myself up onto the shelf. Tess stared up at my cock lustily stroking its length staring at it. “Sierra isn’t it beautiful? she asked “The head,” she said kissing it, “look at these veins,” she said running the tip of her tongue up and down the length of my shaft, “Your cock is fucking perfect.” she said as she closed her eyes and took me into her mouth. I was lost in pleasure as she bobbed on my cock making slurping noises as she got to the tip every time. Sierra grabbed her phone off the edge of the tub and stood up making her way over to us. Her tits were perfect perky mounds of flesh her tan nipples stood out deliciously from them. The added visual stimulation of her lithe young body dripping with water stepping toward us made me pull Tess off me.

“Am I too good for you baby?” she asked smiling up at me running her hands softly over my balls.

“Something like that.” I said trying to work my way back from the brink of orgasm.

“Here,” Sierra said handing the phone to me, “If those fucks want to document their night out we should document ours shouldn’t we?”

“So you want me to take pictures?” I asked as Sierra knelt down in the water by Tess.

“Something like that.” she said with a laugh as she wrapped her hand around my cock.

They both looked up at me with their model smiles and I obliged taking a picture right there. Who was I to tell them no?

“This is a nice cock.” Sierra said as she moved her lips to my balls kissing them lightly. Tess gingerly put her finger under her friend’s chin and raised her lips to hers. They kissed each other softly, I watched as their tongues darted into each other’s mouths and Sierra stroked. The shutter sound from the phone pulled them apart and they laughed. Sierra took her hand off my shaft as she directed her attention back to my balls expertly licking them while Tess took my head in her mouth. They stayed there rhythmically working me up and me periodically snapping photos when I remembered to. Sierra moved her head up and started kissing my shaft limiting the amount of my cock Tess was able to slide into her mouth. Sierra was working my shaft up and down the length of her mouth when Tess started kissing my lower abs. She slowly licked her way up to my nipples and sucked on one as Sierra took the head of my cock in her mouth flicking her tongue under my head.

“Mmm.” I moaned as Tess kissed me her hand caressing my sack.

“You better not cum yet.” she said as she bit my earlobe and got back in the water admiring the way Sierra moved her head around my cock. “She’s a fucking pro isn’t she?” Tess asked her green eyes full of lust.

“You’re not wrong.” I said enjoying the feeling of her tongue swooping all over me.

Sierra came up breathing hard with a smile on her face as Tess lowered herself to my head pushing Sierra down to do the same. They both looked up at me with the tips of their tongues on the underside of my head and I took a picture as they started to kiss over my cock. Their tongues battled for the bit of flesh under my head and the combination of everything that was happening made my balls churn.

“Fuck I’m going to cum.” I announced as a spurt flew up and landed on Sierra’s forehead. They pulled back and Tess positioned her mouth underneath my head. I shot rope after rope of cum some of it landed in her mouth the rest on her face. Sierra stroked my cock coercing the last drops out of me. I snapped a picture as Tess swallowed the cum that landed in her mouth and Sierra sucked my oversensitive head.

“Holy shit.” I said as Sierra pulled herself off me and Tess was absent mindedly scraping cum off her face and licking it off her fingers, “That was incredible.” I said as I slipped back into the water making sure to keep the phone above water. The girls got on either side of me and we flipped through the gallery of photos I had just taken. I admired their beauty in the photos as well as the feeling of their tits pressed on either arm as we flipped through trying to decide which ones would be sent to the guys.

Tess and Sierra agreed on the ones they would send to the guys and they got out of the tub. I stayed behind and watched as they patted themselves dry and felt my cock stir under the now stagnant water looking at their bodies.

“Get out big guy,” Tess said throwing a fresh towel on the edge of the tub. I dried off and followed them into the room where they were composing the text on their stomachs. I stood there admiring their asses feeling my cock filling with blood at the sight of their asses rising from the sheets.

“Think this will do it?” Sierra asked me pointing the phone in my direction breaking my trance. There were three photos, one of them licking my balls, one of them making out over my cock and one with Tess’ face covered in cum with the lone sentence ‘thinking of you :)’ at the bottom.

“Yeah I think that pretty much sums it up.” I said as she hit send and threw the phone to onto one of the pillows.

Tess looked back at me noticing my half hard cock and stood up, “Looks like someone’s still a little excited.” she smiled at me gently stroking my cock as she gave me a kiss.

“Mmm well I can’t be the only one who gets off right?” I asked kissing her back and pushing her towards the bed.

“Good looking and generous, Sierra we could get used to this no?” she turned us around while she said that and gave me a hard shove in the chest making me fall back on the bed. I climbed up a little to bring my face level with Sierra’s.
“I could get used to that.” Sierra replied sliding her tongue into my mouth giving my cock the last bit of encouragement it needed to wake all the way up. I felt Tess crawl onto the bed and straddle me running her wet slit lightly over the tip of my cock. I broke my kiss with Sierra and looked up to see Tess’ green eyes over mine.

“You want to fuck me?” she asked innocently. I answered her by lightly thrusting my hips up my cock pushing at her entrance. Tess stopped sliding on my cock and slowly sat on me. Her eyes fluttered and she let out a moan as my head popped into her. “Ohh shit.” she said moving up and down on me getting used to the feeling of my cock inside of her. She put her hands on my stomach and sat all the way down on me with a moan and started riding me. I reached up and started tweaking one of her nipples as I slowly rubbed Sierra with my other hand. Tess closed her eyes and started bouncing on me, her tightness sending shocks of pleasure from my cock all through my body with every meeting of our skin.

Sierra shifted away from my free hand and before I knew it I was face to face with her glistening mound. I admired her full puffy lips and the bit of her clit that poked out from under its hood, the little goosebumps all over it and I pulled her down to my mouth. I immediately ran my tongue into her hole tasting her sweetness. She ground pussy on my tongue causing her moans to mix with Tess’ in a symphony of sex. I devoured anything my tongue could touch furiously working it up and down her slit flicking her clit whenever I had the chance. She stopped her grinding and her pussy came off my mouth a little as the sound of their kissing created a break in the moans that were coming from them. Tess was grinding her clit into my pelvis as I looked up and saw Sierra’s puckered asshole hovering over me. I grabbed her thighs and craned my neck to meet it running my tongue over it with slow deliberate strokes. Her knees weakened in surprise and that action brought her hole closer to me. I nibbled it furiously while rubbing her clit and felt her nails rake across my stomach as she screamed,

“Fuck fuck fuuuuccckkkk.” and she convulsed lightly on me her juices dripping onto my chin.

Sierra rolled off me and lay beside us as Tess leaned down and kissed me, licking some of Sierra’s juices off me in the process. She moaned into my mouth as I started to buck my hips into hers forcefully. “Oh god yes fuck me fuck me fuck me.” she squealed in delight as I reached around and rubbed her asshole. “FUUUUU-” she screamed as she bit into my shoulder and I felt her walls contract on my cock. Her hands ripped the sheets from the bed as she pulled them against my arms in orgasm. “What the fuck did you do to me?” she asked rolling off of me showing me her hand which was trembling.

I turned to Sierra who had watched her friend’s orgasm from her stomach one hand in between her legs her finger slowly tracing her clit. I admired her ass for a second, the way it rose from her body and the immaculate curve of it, the crease at the bottom of her cheeks which gave a clear line of demarcation between her ass and legs. I leaned over and kissed her shoulder black which poked out from her back and moved over to the slight dip of her spine. I moved my way down leaving a trail of my lips down the curve of her back to the top of her mound. She raised her peach off the bed leaving her tits buried in the sheets inviting me in. As I straddled legs which were pressed together I was entranced by the curve of her legs at her muff and how they curved leaving the perfect window to view it at. I placed my twitching cock at her entrance and slowly pushed in.

I went slowly at first for two reasons; one she was incredibly tight, her pussy only allowed so much of me inside her at first, two I couldn’t with the view of her ass and her shape under me, I wanted to cum right away. I slowly pushed myself in and out of her feeling her warm pussy grip my cock. Tess crawled over to us and worked her hand under Sierra slowly rubbing her clit making Sierra giggle as I pushed myself all the way in her. I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and slowly pulled myself out of her only to push my way back in. “Oh man that’s a lot of cock.” she moaned into the bed as I slowly started to increase my pace.
I was getting into a rhythm when the phone rang. I froze balls deep in her as the ringtone blared throughout the room. Sierra propped herself up on her hands and grabbed the phone, “It’s them.” she said looking at Tess.

“Well answer it.” she said laughing.

“Come on fuck me.” Sierra said looking back at me with an innocent smile on her face as she hit the green button and brought the phone up to her ear.

“Hey Chaaaad.” she said giggling as I started fucking her again. “Nothing just hanging out with Tess.” she said as Tess yelled a greeting into the phone.

“Who else? Baby I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she said smiling at Tessa as she pulled the phone away from her ear and hit the speaker button.

“-ictures you sent to me, there is somebody else with you.” he sounded drunk and angry over the phone.

“Oh those? It’s your cock babyyyyy FUCK.” she moaned loudly as I started grinding my hips against her ass.

“That isn’t me or Jon, that never happened.”

“Oh god you’re right that isn’t you is it. Oh god that DEFINITELY isn’t yoooouuu. Fuck. This is a maaaannn.” she moaned as I started fucking her faster holding her ass for dear life.

“Oh god are you fucking him right now?” he asked his voice rising as he realized what was happening.

I was so focused on the vibrations on Sierra’s ass as I fucked her I was taken off guard when Tess kissed my neck. I lost my grip on Sierra’s and craned my neck over to kiss Tess. She looked at me in the eyes and whispered, “Fuck her harder, make sure he hears who her pussy belongs to now.” she kissed me one last time and moved down kissing Sierra’s ass and working her tongue to her asshole. I grabbed Sierra’s hips and started pounding her like my life depended on it.

“OHHHHHH HE’S FUCCKKINGG MMEEE.” Sierra screamed over the sound of our bodies slapping together, “MMMYYY GGOOOOODDDDD HEEEE IS FFUUUUCCCKKKIINNGG GOOOD AAAT IT.” she started ramming herself back into me her hair was flying and Tess moved up kissing her friend hard.

“Oh fuck what the fuck? He’s dead, he’s fucking dead.” the guys’ voice rang out frantically from the phone. I felt my balls churning and sensing this wasn’t done
I slowed down moaning, “Sierra holy fuck.”

“Hey look we saw you guys had gotten some sluts to hand out with so we got a friend too. Go home with them, fuck them, do whatever you want with them because we are no longer an item.” Sierra said softly into the phone as she pushed back on me letting me know she wanted it.

“That goes for me too!” Tess laughed into the phone as I started fucking Sierra hard again sweat dripping off my face and on to her ass.

“OHHH GOODDD.” Sierra moaned burying her face into the bed.

The guys were frantically trying to figure out what to do on the other end as I wrapped my arms around Sierra and brought her body to mine thrusting into her with small strokes, Tess started rubbing her clit as I whispered in her ear, “You feel so good, you like my cock in you baby?”

“Oh god yeah I love the way your cock feels all the way inside me.” she moaned softly, “Keep fucking me baby don’t stop please dontstop.” she whined as I felt my orgasm being brought on by her tightness.

“You’re going to make me cum babe, oh fuck.” I said completely oblivious to whatever was being shouted through the phone at that moment.

“Dontstopdontstopdontstop.” she moaned as she craned her head around and kissed me. When our lips touched I exploded inside of her, I shot my second load of the night into her quivering pussy and she bit my lip as her arms gripped my ass keeping me buried inside of her. We stayed there for a second both coming down from our orgasms, she lightly kissed me and I laid her down on the bed gingerly pulling myself out of her.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” screamed the voice from the phone as Tess lightly sucked my softening cock savoring her friend’s orgasm on it.
Sierra rolled on her back and held the phone above her a smile on her face, “It might be a good thing if you guys came back here, then you could see how a man fucks.” she let out a sultry laugh and hung up throwing the phone on the bedside table.

“Wow.” Sierra said to nobody as she played with the cum that was dribbling out of her pussy. “I can’t believe that just happened.”

Tess pulled herself away from my flaccid cock and laid by her friend giving her a kiss on the cheek, “I told you it would be worth it.”

“You were right.” Sierra replied pulling her cum covered finger from her pussy to her mouth seductively sucking off my seed. She swallowed it and looked at me with her light blue eyes giving off her lust and asked, “You ready for round 3?”

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